BioResearch | Online Products and Training

The Practitioner-Only combination Homeopathic Formulae with a reputation for supplying unique Practitioner-Quality homeopathic medicines.

The BioResearch System was developed more than 30 years ago in a quest to fulfil the health needs of patients. 
This unique range addresses the diverse needs of patients by combining a carefully chosen selection of remedies in combination frequencies.

Today BioResearch Homeopathics still remain hand-made, and the production process ensures the most pure energetic medicine.

To purchase BioResearch please contact 1800 777 575 

Practitioners located in Australia can access FREE BioResearch  phone teleconference training.

Participants receive:

  • CPE point Certificate
  • BioResearch reference booklets - both hard copy and email
  • ongoing Tech Support
  • the offer of BioResearch teleconference specials
  • access to this BioResearch website

'Getting Started' Training session:

This webinar introduces practitioners to the entire range.  We go through each remedy, how best to use it and how to combine with other remedies to create healing protocols.  You will learn prescribing techniques, tricks and tips to enhance client complience and how to incorporate these remedies alongside of other treatment modalities.

Dates: More sessions coming soon!

Cost: FREE

How to register: Go to and use your practitioner log-in to access the link for registration.

Enquiries: For any enquires please contact Jade at -

*Sessions are brought to you by naturopath - Jade Sultana.  Jade has been working with Bioresearch for a number of years now and will share her own clinical experiences with the range.  She is passionate about Bioresearch and loves to educate other practitioners on how to bring these fantastic medicines into everyday treatment protocols.